Matt Farmer

aka farmdawgnation

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My name is Matt Farmer. I've been banging on one type of software system or another since the late 90's under different aliases. These days, I'm known as @farmdawgnation around most of this wonderful series of tubes that occupies a percentage of my free time. I cut my teeth on PHP, C, and Java, but these days I tend to prefer a healthy diet of Scala, and (Java|Coffee)Script (if you don't know what CoffeeScript is, allow me to introduce you). I work alongside @mattfeury and @Shadowfiend as a Software Engineer for OpenStudy, and am actively working on a project to get more students involved in Open Source projects.

About my Open Source work

Until I joined on at OpenStudy, I couldn't really contribute much to open source projects. I worked for various consulting firms and much of our stuff was covered by NDAs. Since joining OpenStudy, I've tried to get into the habit of contributing to the Open Source community that I have benefited from all these years. I have a handful of side projects or ideas that I opened up on my GitHub, and I've opened Pull Requests on most of the projects that we use to build OpenStudy at least once. (Give me some more time, I'm sure there will be more. :D)

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